Avoid Being Marked as Spam

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Mobile carriers monitor for spam based on opt-out rate. While a few opt-outs are not bad, a high opt-out rate usually indicates that texting consent was not gathered from each recipient or that the sender is sending too many messages to the recipients.

To keep a low opt-out rate and maintain good standing with mobile carriers, follow these guidelines:

  • Implement and maintain a proper opt-in process with a consent form.

  • Avoid sending unnecessary or excessive messages.

  • Ensure that only people who consented to texts are on lists you send texts to.

  • Check with your recipients every 18 months to ensure they still want to receive messages.

  • Avoid all caps or frequent abbreviations.

  • Avoid sending excess links. When you send a link, give clear context of where the link leads.

  • Include your church name in each text.

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What happens when someone opts out?

If a recipient replies with a “STOP” message, they receive an unsubscribe confirmation text and no longer receive messages from your church.

If someone unsubscribes, icons on their profile show that the number is textable, but the person has unsubscribed.


If they want to receive messages again, they can text "START" to the organization's 10-digit number.

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