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Once a message has been sent, you can see it from the Message history page or a person's profile.

All Messages

From the Lists page, select Text messages in the Message history section to see all the sent text messages.


You can see the message, who sent it, and how many credits were used. Select a message to see more details.


If the text was not delivered, you can click the person's name and change the phone number on their profile.

  • The No textable numbers message indicates that the number was not a mobile number that could be texted, so there was no attempt to send the text. You will not be charged a credit.

  • The Undelivered message indicates an attempt was made, and you will be charged a credit.

Individual Messages

From the Communication tab of someone's profile, you can see texts sent to a person.


If a mobile number successfully receives a text message, you can see the icon on their profile indicating that they receive texts.


If a number cannot receive a text or is unsubscribed, you can see an icon on their profile that shows the number isn't textable.

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