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When a profile is deleted, all of the history associated with that person in every Planning Center app is deleted forever, including their check-ins, registrations, donations, payments, and volunteering history.

If a profile represents a real person in your church with history, deleting the profile is not the right tool to use.

However, if the profile represents a person who has moved away, left your church, was fired, or doesn't attend your church for any other reason, you should set that profile to inactive, or if the profile is a duplicate profile, you should merge the two profiles.

The only time you should delete a profile is when the profile is either test data or was created by accident.

Before deleting a profile, consider setting that profile to Inactive, which hides the profile and maintains all the history so report ands and historical data stay accurate. Inactivating a profile is always the right choice for profiles that represent real people.

From the person's profile, select the gear to open up the profile settings then select Set Inactive.

Use the dropdown to select the reason then choose the date of the inactivation.

set inactive

The options for Reason can be customized to your church language or to add more reason options.

Once you select Save, the profile will have a bar added to the top showing Inactive as well as the reason and date.

To reactivate the profile for any reason, select Reactivate.

Delete a Profile

If you are still confident that you want to delete this profile, you can do so from the settings gear.

Some important things to remember when deleting a profile:

  • This profile and all the data and history associated with it, such as previous donations and recurring gifts, will be deleted from every Planning Center app.
  • Because deleting profiles is so destructive, it can only be done by an Organization Administrator.
  • This can not be undone. There is no going back. If that gives you the slightest bit of concern, you should either set the profile to inactive or merge it with another.
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