10/14/2016 - Changelog

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There's some fun things in here this time:

  • Oh that little ole thing? Just duplicate detection.
  • A brand new dashboard! This is the first step, we've got lots of plans.
  • Made some security enhancements to protect your organization admin's account.
  • Added an option to match profiles using a remote id during a CSV import.
  • Improved the detail view for profiles that will be created during a CSV import.
  • Added primary contacts to allow choosing which phone number or email address is displayed in various places, primarily in Groups.
  • Changed lists so that only the list's owner can add an automation to the list.
  • We found the old logo in an email! Gasp! But don't worry, we preserved in our hermetically sealed long-term archive (Dropbox, probably).
  • An entire roach motel's worth of bugs were squashed.
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