Edit, Delete, or Recover a Workflow

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Workflows can be shared between team members, transferred to new staff, updated to reflect a new process, or deleted as needed. 


You must have access to manage a workflow to edit or delete it.

Edit or Delete a Workflow

Select Edit Workflow to change the name, assign a campus or category, or delete the workflow.


To edit the workflow, make any necessary changes and select Save.

To delete the workflow, select Delete workflow. All information from cards is deleted, but any emails or notes added to profiles will remain.


Recover a Workflow

You can recover your deleted workflows or workflows without managers.

Deleted Workflows

From the Workflows page, select Recently deleted workflows to see the deleted workflows, and then select Recover next to the workflow you need.

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When you recover a workflow, all the workflow steps and cards, along with their history and assignments, are restored.

Unassigned Workflows

If a workflow doesn't have a manager, it is unusable until it does. Workflows without existing managers appear under Unassigned workflows.


The first person to access an unassigned workflow can add themselves as a manager and edit or delete the workflow.

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