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If you have a process that should be followed when someone attends your church for the first time, applies to serve on a team, or becomes a member, create a workflow to make it easy for your team to track a person's progress and communication through the different steps. For workflow examples, check out these common workflows!


Only managers in People or viewers and editors with the Can create workflows option checked in their permissions can set up a workflow.

From the Workflows page, select New workflow to create a workflow.


Name the workflow, assign it to a campus and/or category, and select Create workflow. 


Add Steps

Each step is a job that a team member will complete, and you can create multiple steps for each workflow to track where people are in the process.

Select Add a step to create a part of the process for people to follow.


Enter the appropriate information so the assignee knows how to complete the step.

  1. Name the step so the assignee knows what to do at a glance.

  2. Add a description to give the assignee more direction on completing the step, such as an email template or phone call script to follow.

  3. By default, the person who creates the workflow is the only one who can view it. After making the first step, you can add collaborators and assign one of them as the assignee.  

  4. If steps need time between them, check the Auto snooze box and choose how long to snooze before notifying the assignee of the step.

  5. Set a timeframe for when you want the step to be completed. If this box is checked, a reminder email is sent to the assignee if any cards are not completed within that timeframe.

  6. Select Create step to add the step to the workflow.

Add Collaborators

If you want to change the assignee on a step, you must first add collaborators to your workflow. Collaborators can edit their own cards, edit all cards, or manage the workflow, depending on the level of access given to them by the workflow's creator.

To add collaborators to a workflow, select Add collaborator.


Edit or Delete a Step

Once you've added collaborators, select the edit icon on the step to change the assignee or update the step's details.


Select Save after making those changes.

To remove the step from the workflow, select Delete step. Any card that has completed this step still has a record of the step, but the step no longer applies to new cards.


Reorder Steps

If you need to change the order of the steps, select Reorder steps. 


Drag and drop the handles next to the step to its new spot. Once the steps are organized as desired, select Save.


Add Cards

A card tracks a person's progress through the workflow. Cards include a person's basic information and details about their path through the workflow.

Add a card to a workflow by selecting Add someone to workflow and searching for the person's name. You can choose them from the list or create a new person to add to People.


Once you choose the person to add, select Add person to add the card to the workflow.



If you want someone other than the default assignee to follow up with a card, assign and pin the card to a different workflow collaborator.

The assignee for the step will receive an email with all the cards assigned to them ten minutes after their last assigned card.

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