Follow Cards Through a Workflow

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A card tracks a person's progress through the workflow. Workflow assignees are responsible for moving the cards through each step. 

View Your Assigned Cards

On the Workflows page, select My cards to see workflows with cards assigned to you. The number of cards assigned to you is highlighted in green under the workflow's name.


After selecting a workflow, select a step to view the cards. 

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  1. Choose a person's name from the dropdown to view the cards assigned to them in that step.

  2. Toggle the Ready and Snoozed options to view the cards assigned to the person selected in the dropdown.

  3. Sort the list to see the Newest or Oldest cards added first.

  4. Select View card to follow up with the person.

Take Action in a Step

Before completing a step, you may need to take additional actions to move the card through the process.

  1. Add notes to summarize what happened during the step, email the person directly, or choose an action for this person, such as updating their membership type or adding them to a team in Services.

    • Note

      The Add internal note tab lets you track notes or comments about a person on the card.

      If the note contains information regarding someone's general profile, check the Save this note to profile checkbox to add it to their profile notes. This helps you and your team find that information in the person's profile notes later without tracking down the workflow card!

  2. Reassign the card to a different administrator, who will be notified about the new card by email. Select Pin assignment if the card should stay assigned to that same person throughout the remainder of the workflow.

  3. If the card doesn't need to be completed right away, snooze the card to receive a reminder to take action later.

  4. Remove the card from the workflow if the person should no longer continue through the process. The card history and the person's profile include a record of the person's removal.

  5. Skip the step if the person can move to the next step without completing this one.  

  6. View the Card History, including whether the card was reassigned or snoozed, if a step was skipped, or if notes were added during any steps.

Select Delete on the bottom right to remove all history of the card from the workflow and the person's profile. Select Close if no action is needed within the card.


Complete a Step

The top section of the workflow card shows the person's name, contact information, and details about how to complete the current step.

Once all necessary actions for the step are complete, select Complete step to move the card forward in the workflow, or send the card back to the previous step if more follow up is needed. 

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