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If you're using the Add to Workflowlist automation, some workflows will acquire several cards in one moment. Select multiple cards to quickly complete or skip a step, remove them from the workflow, reassign them to another person, or snooze the card.

From the workflow, use Select All to make changes to every card in the step, or hover over a person's picture to select them.


Once you've selected a card, you have access to make some changes to those cards.

  1. Complete this step for the selected cards, which implies that this steps was finished, and sends them to the next step.

  2. Skip this step for the selected cards, which implies that this step was not finished, and sends them to the next step.

  3. Remove the selected cards from the workflow entirely.

  4. Sort by the newest or oldest card added to the workflow.

  1. Reassign cards to someone else

  2. Send an email to selected cards

  3. Apply an action selected cards

  4. Snooze cards

Reassign Cards

Tap the people icon to open a box to type the name of the person who should handle the selected cards.


Select the name of the person, and the cards will be assigned to that person.

Send an Email

Click the envelope icon to send an email to those selected.

Enter your email or use an email template to fill the email with the information you want to send.

Apply an Action

Click the plus icon, and then choose the type of action you'd like to apply to all cards.


The people in the cards will be updated, but the card will stay in the step.

Snooze Cards

Click the clock icon to choose how long to snooze the selected cards.


The card will be moved from the Ready section to the Snoozed section, and the assignee will be alerted in the selected time.

After you send an email or apply an action, the people you selected will stay selected for you to send them to the next step or perform any other action on them.

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