Use Campuses & Categories to Organize Lists

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If you have multiple campuses or similar lists, use campuses and categories to filter them on the Lists page.

From the Lists page, choose to filter your lists by campus or set up categories for more specific filtering.

workflow tab

Only Organization Administrators can add and remove campuses from Accounts.

Create, Edit, or Delete Categories

Select Manage List Categories from the All Categories dropdown to view a list of all categories.

manage workflow categories

If you've never created categories before, the dropdown button will be a Manage List Categories button instead.

Create a category by entering in in the box.


add category

Edit a category name by selecting the pencil.

edit or delete a category

Delete the category by selecting the trash can icon.

Add Categories to Lists

After you create categories, assign them to a list from the list settings.

Once you choose the campus or category, they will be assigned to the header of the list.

Return to the Lists tab to see the campus and category assigned to lists.

Lists are shown in alphabetical order by title, and then by tag.

Once you set up campuses and categories, filter lists by choosing from the dropdowns!

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