Use Campuses and Categories to Stay Organized

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If you have multiple campuses or similar workflows or lists, assign them to campuses and categories, and then filter them.

From the Lists, Workflows, and Forms pages, choose to filter your lists by campus or set up categories for more specific filtering.



Campuses are managed in Accounts.Only Organization Administrators have access to them.

Create, Edit, or Delete Categories

Choose the All Categories dropdown, and then click Manage Categories to view a list of all categories.

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Create a category by entering the name in the box.

  1. Edit a category name by clicking the pencil.

  2. Delete the category by clicking the trash can icon.

Add Categories to Lists or Forms

After you create categories, assign them to a list from the list settings.


Once you choose the campus or category, they will be added to the header of the list.

Return to the Lists or Forms tab to see the campus and category assigned to lists.



Lists and Forms are shown in alphabetical order by title, and then by campus and category.

Add Categories to Workflows

After you create categories, assign them to the workflow.

In a workflow, click Edit Workflow to choose a campus and/or category. Click Save to assign the campus and/or category.


Return to the Workflows tab to see the workflow under the new campus and category.

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