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If you want to set up some common lists to give you experience in creating a list, follow the steps to create some of our most commonly requested lists.

Contact Info for a Child's Parent

If you want to be able to scroll through a list of kids and see their information, but you just want to print the information from their household, then this lesson is the way to go. It will show you how to create a lists of kids, but just use a report to print the parent's detail.

If you want your actual list to be a list of parents, change the Household results for your list. If you print this list, you'll get the parent's information, but you won't see what child they are related to.

From the Lists tab, add a new list with the options pictured above. Depending on the data in your account:

  1. You might only need to find people who are set to "Child"
  2. I know we haven't set that field on everyone yet, so I've added an extra condition to look for people age 17 or younger.
  3. Since I want to see people that meet either of these conditions , I've set Rule 1 to return people matching any condition (not all).

After submitting your list, click the print button at the top of the reports page and choose the Primary Contact Information report from the list.

Choose the "Primary Contact Information" report

The report will list all the kids returned by your list in the first column, and then all additional columns are about the primary contact of their household. In order for this report to return data, each child must belong to a household and the household must have a primary contact with contact details.

View the report

In the picture above, Aaron Johnson is a part of two households, so he has rows with the primary contact of each household (George and Jennifer). Aubri is not in a household so her row is blank.

Children don't usually have their own phone number or email address, and even if they do, you probably want to contact someone in charge. To do so, you have 2 options. Make a List that returns the appropriate children, then print it using the "Primary Contact Information" report, or in your list setup, have it return household children.

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