Email Templates

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If you send the same type of email multiple times, save yourself some effort and create an email template. Once you've created an email template, apply it to an email to save time!

To access email templates, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the People page and select Manage email templates.



You can also access email templates from the Templates dropdown when writing an email to an individual.

A Manager or Organization Administrator can create a new template by clicking New Template.



To delete a template, select the template from the list, and then choose Delete.

Enter the subject and body of the email, and use the formatting tools to style your text or insert hyperlinks.



Use the {{ }} brackets as placeholders that change the name of the sender and recipient automatically!

Once you've crafted the email, click Save to return to the list of other email templates. Anyone with permission to email people can use all email templates in your account.

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