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Forms allow people to enter information about themselves without having to register for an event. Use forms to get necessary information, while saving time on data entry and follow-up.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.


Click New Form from the Forms page.


Add a title and drag fields from the right to the form.

  1. Move a field by dragging it to the appropriate place; edit or delete it by clicking it and making appropriate changes.

  2. Any information a person adds to Profile Fields will update their profile. They will receive an email asking them to verify any new information. Once they've verified it, their profile will be updated.

    Custom Fields can also be updated by using the Custom Field on the form.

  3. If you want a person to be added to a workflow based on a certain response, add a Workflow Field and choose from your workflows.

    The workflow will only be an option if it has at least one step.

  4. Basic Fields allow you to customize the form to ask questions that won't be added to a person's profile. You'll have access to the answers from the Submissions tab.

All forms have the email address and name at the top and are saved automatically.

Click the field to make any updates to it.


Conditional Fields

Some fields only need to be filled out if another field is answered. Those fields will be connected on the form.

To connect those fields, click Add condition and choose which field to connect.


On the form, the condition will not show up until the connected field is answered.



Automations give you the power to automatically perform an action on people who fill out your form. Send them an email, add them to a team, event, or group, or even send them a mobile pass right when they submit their form.

From the Automations tab, click Create Automation or choose one of the suggested automations.



If the automation is to send an email, the email will be sent from the person who added the automation.

You can add people to a workflow from a form:

  • Workflow Fields: send people to different workflows based on how they answer the question. Workflow cards created from these fields will also contain a link to the form submission for easy reference.

  • Automation: add an automation to your form to send everyone that submits the form to the same workflow.

Public Form

If you select View Public Form on the Forms page, you'll be taken to the form itself. You can also share the link with anyone who needs to fill out the form.

On the form, fill the information, and once you enter your email address, the Continue button will turn blue.


The form cannot be completed without the email address and required fields, but other fields can be left blank.



Click Shareable Code in the bottom right to access the QR code for this form. People can scan the QR code to be brought straight to this URL without having to type it.

Once the form is submitted, the submission details will show on the screen.



Verification protects incorrect information from being entered into profiles, which is especially important if an email address or phone number is updated since those are used for logging in to Church Center or Planning Center.

So, if you've added a Profile Field to a form, and someone fills it out, they will receive a verification email--to all email addresses listed on their profile--to confirm what they entered is true.


A person will not be sent a verification email if:

  • they're logged into Church Center on the web or app.

  • the updated Profile Field is Phone Number listed in a different format, but the number matches.

  • the only Profile Field updated is a Note.


Until they verify the changes by clicking the blue button, any new information will note be updated in their profile.

You can find out if someone has verified information by looking at the form submission.



As people begin to fill out the form, you'll see the number on the Submissions tab grow. Click any submission to view their completed form, or type a person's name to search for their form.



If form submissions are creating duplicates, check out our tips on preventing duplicates.

You can download a CSV of all Form submissions, or you can click an individual submission to download or print a PDF of that one submission.

You cannot edit a submission once it's been submitted.

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