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Create custom forms to gather volunteer signups and prayer requests or to allow people in your church to update their profiles. Forms allow people to enter information about themselves without having to register for an event. They save time with data entry while still getting necessary information and allow you to follow up with people faster. 

Check out the video to see how to create a form or follow the steps below.


From the Forms page, select New Form.

Only Managers can access Forms.

To create your form, add a title and start dragging fields from the right to the form.

  1. Enter the title and description people will see when they access the form.
  2. Any information a person adds to Profile Fields will update their profile. They will receive an email asking them to verify the new information. Once they've verified it, their profile will be updated.
  3. Basic Fields allow you to customize the form to ask questions that won't be added to a person's profile. You'll have access to the answers from the Submissions tab.
  4. If you want a person to be added to a workflow based on a certain response, add a Workflow Field and choose from your workflows.
    The workflow will only be an option if it has at least one step.
  5. Move a field by dragging it to the appropriate place; edit or delete it by selecting it and making appropriate changes.

All forms have the email address and name at the bottom and are saved automatically.


Automations give you the power to automatically perform an action on people who fill out your form. Send them an email, add them to a team, event, or group, or even send them a mobile pass right when they submit their form.

From the Automations tab, click Create Automation or choose one of the suggested automations.

Set the automated action.

create automation
  1. Choose the Planning Center application that the action will run in.
  2. Choose the action to apply to the people on the list. The options available in this screen are the same as in the one-time action screen.

Click Save to add the automation to the form.

Your automations will show on this tab as you add them.

  1. To stop automations, click Pause Automations.
  2. To delete an automation, select the trash can.


The Settings tab gives you information about who can access the form and how to embed the form.

  1. Only managers have access to all forms, but you can give a person permission to manage or view any form.
  2. You can work on the form but not allow others to access it by setting it to Inactive. When it's ready, set it to Active for others to fill it out.
  3. If you want a person to be notified about someone filling out the form, search for the person and add them to the Notification List.
  4. Embed the form by copying the public URL and following the embed directions.

If you just want to link the form somewhere, view the public form and copy the URL.

Public Form

If you select View Public Form on the Forms page, you'll be taken to the form itself. A person can also use a link to view the form.

On the form, fill the information, and once you enter your email address, the Continue button will turn blue.

The form cannot be completed without the email address, but other fields can be left blank.

public page

Select Shareable Code to view and download the QR code for this form. People can scan the QR code to be brought straight to this URL without having to type it.

If the person's information exists in the database, they can choose to Submit after filling out the form.

in database--submit

If the email address doesn't match anything in the database, the person will be prompted to enter their name and choose to Submit form.

not in database submit

Once the form is submitted, if any personal information has changed, the person will need to verify those changes in an automated email they'll receive.

email verification


As people begin to fill out the form, you'll see the number on the Submissions tab grow. Select any submission to view their completed form.

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