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If you've been invited to use a Planning Center application, you can log in by creating a password.

Setting or Resetting Your Password

To set your password: Once you're given permissions in an application, you'll receive an email with a password link. Click the link to be taken to the password reset screen.

To reset your password: Go to the password reset page  or log out of Planning Center if you are logged in and click Need a password.

Enter your email address or phone number when prompted, and then click Send Code

log in page

You will receive an email or text with a verification code. Click the link in the email or text to go to the verification page, where the code will already be entered.

verification code

You can also manually enter the verification code from the email or text.

  • Make sure that the verification code is entered correctly, and then click Continue. 
  • If you belong to multiple organizations, you'll see those listed. Check the boxes next to the organizations you want to reset your password for.
  • Enter a strong password, confirm it, and then click Reset my Password.

Congratulations, your password is reset!

Choosing a Strong Password

Your church's Planning Center account stores a lot of sensitive, personal information, such as people's donation records, background checks, medical notes, prayer requests, and information on their children.

We know protecting this data is vital to your church, and strong passwords are a big piece of that overall security picture. These password requirements help ensure that all  data remains secure.

Our password strength meter doesn't require a specific number of special symbols or numbers; instead, it tests the overall strength of your password. So, while randomly generated characters usually work, long, memorable phrases can be used as well.

Strong password examples

Password Why it’s strong
LargeGoofyHats A simple, memborable phrase
SixFeetApart!! Anything memorable works
89#%&62A4x Short, but complex and non-patterned
llamas and chimps Use any characters - even spaces!

Weak password examples

Password Why it’s weak
Password The world’s most awful password
Dogsdogsdogs Repetive, too easily cracked
zxcvbnm, The bottom row of the keyboard
Abraham Lincoln Names are easy to guess

It's often challenging to generate or remember a secure, unique password, so many people use a password manager. There are lots of options out there, some paid (1Password, Dashlane) and some free (LastPass).

If you use Planning Center with multiple organizations, using the same email and password combination will allow you to link multiple accounts so that you can easily switch between organizations. Linked accounts will become unlinked if the password is changed.

Log In Issues

Password Reset

If you are having trouble resetting your password, following these steps should help:

  1. Delete any password reset emails in your inbox.
  2. Clear your browser's cookies. 
  3. Use this link to reset your password.
  4. Click the link in that new email.

No Access

If you are trying to access an app in Planning Center, and you are taken to this page, it means you don't have access to that specific app.

no access

When you click the name of one of the Administrators listed, you will be taken to your email client. Let the person know which app you were trying to access.

Undelivered Emails

If someone mentions they didn't receive an email, an Admin can try these things:

  • Check the People app to make sure their email address isn't blocked.
  • Ask the person to add no-reply@planningcenteronline.com to their email address book or whitelist the email address.

If neither of these help, contact support by clicking the ? in the top right corner of the app.

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