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Print mailing labels for people in a list to easily address envelopes to send mailers. When you print a list, you can choose from one of our built-in reports or create a report of your own. The Address Labels can also be found from the list of the built-in reports.

We only support Avery 1" x 2-5/8" address labels.

Once you've created a list, clicke the print icon to choose the address labels option.

If you want to address each person on the list, choose the first label option. To address the whole household, choose the Household Name label option.

Print list or edit report

If you want to address the husband and wife instead of individuals or the whole household, you can request a custom report. The report looks for the married male and puts him first, and then the married female. So, in order for the report to work correctly, please ensure the following:

  1. Make sure households only have two Adults, the legal guardians of the household.
  2. Make sure those two Adults are also set to Married.
  3. Make sure those two Adults have Male or Female assigned.
  4. Make sure the Primary Contact for the household is one of the two adults.
  5. If you have Adults that are children, separate them into their own household.
    If a person can legally sign a document, they should be in their own household.

Because the report searches through the Adults in the household, it will include all Adults from the household on the label.

Once you have verified those are correct in your database, use the ? in the top left of your account and create a ticket asking for the Husband & Wife Mailing Labels.

Once you generate your label option, labels will export on a new page for you to print.


Mail Merge

We don't offer a built-in tool for creating direct mailing form letters. However, most word processors provide the ability to inject merge tags from a spreadsheet.

Export any list as a CSV file, write your form letter, and inject the data fields from that file.

Each word processor handles this a little differently, but Microsoft Word and Pages have helpful tips in walking through the process.

If you want to send an email with merge tags, check out our Email Templates!

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