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Sometimes you need your data in raw form to be able to use it with other programs. Export a CSV file of all information, specific information, and even address information.

Export All Information

If you want every piece of information listed in your database, you can export the whole database from the People page.

Click the settings gear and choose Import/Export CSV.


From the Data Import & Export page, click Start Export, which will prompt you to Generate and send CSV to receive an email with the CSV file of all the information on every profile in your database.



The email may take a couple minutes, depending on the size of your database.

Export Specific Information

If you only need specific information, create a list of people whose information you need. On the list, show the columns you want to export for the people on the list and click the download icon.


Choose to export all data on the people listed or export only the data listed in the columns, and then click Generate and send CSV.



The email may take a couple minutes depending on the size of your database.

With this exported information, you can do a lot of things with your data, like create a map of where people live!

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