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If you want to automatically send an email to someone based on when they serve, if they attended the first time, or after they fill out a form, create a list or form, and then use email templates and automations.


Emails are sent to the primary email address, except for Account Settings. Account Settings sends an email to every email address listed on an organization administrator or billing manager's profile.

1. Create a Form or List

Create a form or list of people you want to be automatically emailed. Expand a section for ideas on who could be sent an automated email.

Day After Serving





If you have any workflows where the first step is to send an email, automate the email from the list or form and remove that first step from the workflow!

2. Create an Email Template

Create an email template with information you want to send to people automatically.



You can even include a link to a form if you want!

3. Set Up Automation

From the Automations tab in a list or forms, create an automation that will send an email to people when they're added to the list.

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Use a Mailchimp Campaign

You can use Mailchimp to create an email with colors, images, and videos embedded into the email. Once you've made a list, you can set it up to sync to Mailchimp, and then enable auto-refresh and re-sync to trigger an email from Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has a lot of helpful tips to create your campaign and enable triggers, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Create an Email Campaign that is set up using tags.

  2. Choose the Mailchimp audience, and then choose the tag (your People list) from the trigger options.

  3. Design your email!


If you want a form completion to trigger an email from Mailchimp, create a list of those who filled out a form and follow the steps.

Automated emails save lots of time and communicate great information, but don't forget you can use workflows to make sure you move people to the next step!

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