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Households let you keep track of families or people living in the same house. People can be in multiple households, and each household has one Primary Contact. When updating the home phone or home address of anyone in a household, you have the option to save it for everyone in the household.


A household can be initiated in Services, Registrations, or a People form, and it will show as Pending on a person's profile. In the case of a pending household, the primary contact will receive an email requesting they verify the new household member. In addition, a Manager can approve or deny the pending member.

Who belongs in a household?

People who live in the same house should be in one household, but there are some exceptions and recommendations to keep your database clean.

  • If they can legally sign a document, they should be in their own household. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Children who are 18+ but living at home.

    • Relatives who live in the same house.

  • If you want someone to be able to check in people from another household, make them a Trusted Person in Check-Ins.

Manage a Household

From a person's profile page, you can view household members in the Household section on the right.

Click the pencil to make any changes to the household.



People marked as Adult on their profile will be listed in the top section of the household, regardless of whether or not they are the parent.

The household shows all the members as well as their contact information. The default name of the household is the Primary Contact's last name, but you can change the name of the Household.

  1. Add or remove a household image that shows on the Directory.


    Use the Image Sizing Guide to upload the right size and file type.

  2. The Primary Contact for the household is labeled. To change the contact, click the gear.

  3. When you click the gear, you can remove a person from the household or make that person the Primary Contact.

    If you remove the person from the household, they still exist in your database. If you need to remove a person from your database, make them inactive.

  4. Add a new person to the household by searching for existing people in your database. If the person doesn't exist in your database, you can add them.

  5. Remove the household. Profiles will not be deleted when you remove the household, but the household will no longer exist.

Click Save to keep any changes you made, or click cancel to exit the screen without saving changes. 


If you click Other Households in the top right, you can see other households the person belongs to or add them to another household.


If a household was created in error or a duplicate household exists, you can remove the unnecessary household.


Add to Other Households

If someone is in multiple households, you can show that on their profile by adding another household.


You should never place people outside of actual families into households. If you think you want to combine people who aren't in an actual family into a household, check out our Household Tips about using a roster station or a group.

Click Other households to manage other households for a profile.

  1. Click an existing household to edit it.

  2. Add a new household by searching the database or creating a new one.

Remove From Household

If someone is no longer part of a household, you can remove them from it.

From the person's profile, click the pencil icon to edit the household.


Click the gear next to the person you'd like to remove from the household, and then choose Remove.


The household will remain active, but the person will be removed. If you'd like to delete a household as a whole, you can click Remove household, and the household will be deleted with all members removed.

Duplicate Households

If a person has a duplicate household that was accidentally created by a form, signup, or Admin error, you can delete that extra household.

Click the pencil icon on the person's profile to edit their households.


Click on the extra household, and then click Remove household to delete it.



This process will only delete that excess household; no profiles or activity will be deleted!

People in More than One Household

If you want to find people in more than one household, create a list and email Support to add a custom report for people in more than one household.

Create a list of people in a household.


From the Results tab, click the printer icon, and then choose the report Support added to your account.


Update Household Phone and Address

If you edit the Primary Contact's Home Phone Number or Home Address, you can also update it for everyone else in the household. If you don't want to update that information for other household members, uncheck the box.


The type must be Home to prompt you to update it for all household members.

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