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Many churches define membership differently, but most churches agree that they'd like a way to know who is active in their church. Planning Center helps you manage that information by calling it membership.

Define Membership

You can define membership by your church's values by customizing the membership fields.


You can also add reasons for making someone inactive.



Deceased cannot be edited or removed.

Assign Membership

Once you have your types and reasons in place, update profiles according to their involvement in your church.


From a person's profile, select the Membership type dropdown and choose the appropriate membership type.



Use a bulk action to update membership type or status for multiple people simultaneously. 


If people have steps they take to change membership, you can automate those changes as steps are completed.

For example, if you have a membership class that promotes people to members once they complete it, create a list to change their membership type when the class is completed automatically.


Create an automation to set their membership type to the desired type.


Create a List of Membership Statuses

Once you've assigned membership, create a list of people with a specific membership type to begin following up with them.



Membership type is under the Personal tab on a profile, so choose Personal from the dropdown.

Update Membership

Use workflows and lists to be automatically notified about someone's activity in order to keep their membership up to date.

Create a workflow based on steps you want to take to follow up with people if they have had no activity.


Create a list of people who need to be followed up with.

To find people with no activity, make a rule for each Planning Center product that shows they haven't had activity in that product in a set amount of time.


Once you submit the list, set your list automation to send people to the workflow you created before, which will notify the person assigned to the first step.


If the person no longer attends your church, you can set them as inactive on their profile, and they will no longer appear in searches. If they attend your church in the future, it's easy to reactivate their profile.

You can manage other database aspects by creating common lists and automations.

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