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Workflows come in all shapes and sizes! If you want to set up some common workflows to give you experience in how a workflow works, or if you want to know which lists you might need, expand the workflows below.

If you know of a workflow that should be included among these Common Workflows, email us! And if you want to create some more processes to make your job easier, check out our Common Lists!

Facility Request

If you want to track facility requests, set up a form that automatically adds people to this workflow as they fill out the rental/request form.

The assigned person will receive a notification, which will prompt this workflow.


Guest Follow Up

Guests can be hard to follow up with, but if you get their information on a physical or digital Connect Card, you can add them to a workflow to ensure they're not overlooked.



Set the 1 Month Follow Up to auto-snooze for a month, and it will notify you automatically after that time has passed.

After someone has attended a set number of times, which you can track from a list, you can take another step in following up with them to see if they're interested in getting plugged in at your church.


Join a Serve Team

Every church invites people to serve in different ways. In this workflow, a person must first complete a form, which automatically puts them into this workflow.

Use any of the steps below and pin steps to the applicable person.



Want some more tips about managing volunteers? Check out our Volunteer Pipeline!

No Activity

Don't let anyone fall through the cracks! Set up a No Activity List with an automation to send them to this workflow.


If they've decided to go to another church, you can set up a way to change their membership as well.

Prayer/Praise Requests

Make sure people know about prayer requests and are prayed for! Set up a simple workflow with the steps you take when someone requests prayer in person or through a form.

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