Track Expired Background Checks

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Keep up with background checks by creating a list and following the steps below for Checkr background checks or manual background checks.

Create a list showing people whose background checks have expired.


Once you've populated the list, go to the Settings tab and set it to auto-refresh nightly.


Your list will refresh every night, ensuring anyone with an expired background check is added to the list every night.

From here, the steps differ depending on how you run background checks. Expand the appropriate section below.

Order Checkr Background Check Requests

If you run your background checks with Checkr, you can set an automation to send a background check request to the people on the list. From the Automations tab, select Create Automation.

create automation_arrow.png

Order a background check for those on the list.


Since the list refreshes every night, people with expired background checks will receive an email from Checkr requesting a background check when their background check has expired.

Update Manual Background Checks

If you use another company to run background checks, you can still update them using the list you created, but you'll have to do it manually.

Click a person's name from the list to be taken to their profile.


From the security badge, select Add Background Check, and then choose a manual background check.


Once you've added the background check, click Next in the top right to go to the next person's profile and add a new background check.

If you want to get a notification for when manual background checks expire, you can create a workflow and send people who are added to the list to that workflow in order to be notified when someone's background check has expired.

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