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Many churches use a directory to keep in contact with their members. Because the database is online, a printed directory will become out of date as soon as someone updates their information, but if you'd like a directory to use for a short period, follow the steps below.

If you'd like to try an online directory, we have some great integrations with other companies.

Allow People to Opt In or Out

There are privacy concerns--and sometimes laws--that go with giving out people's personal information. Please consider who you are giving this information to, or ask people to allow their information to be given and track that in a custom field.

If you want to ensure you have permission to add people to a directory, you can track people's permission in a custom field on their profile.

From the People tab, choose Customize Fields from the gear dropdown.

customize fields

Add a tab, if necessary, with the field showing a Yes/No for people to choose.

add a field

You can either ask people individually, and then make the change on their profile, or you can create a form for people to fill out to verify they will allow their information to be added to the directory.


Drag the Custom Field field into the form and choose the tab/field you created.

Once the form is the way you want it to be, click View Public Form to be taken to the form.

You can share this form with people in your church from the link in the browser bar or by clicking Shareable Code, which will give you a QR code to download and share.

share form

When a person fills out the form, the answer will be added to their profile.

view answer in profile

Create a List

Create a list of people you'd like to include in your directory.

If you want to include everyone in your database, use the rules below.

You can also check out our Common Lists to see what type of list you'd like to create for a Directory.

If you've created a custom field, use a different rule to find those who have opted in to allow their information in the directory.

If one member of the family selects yes, but another one selects no, the list will still show the family. However, if no one in the family answers, the household will not be on the list.

Select Household Directory Report

Once you have the results, you can create your directory report.

  1. Sort by last name or the order you'd like to see the report.
  2. Click the printer icon.

Click the Household Directory Report from the list, and then choose to generate a pdf or html file.

choose report

Download Report

Once the report is ready, it will show up on the list for you to download.

You now have a directory report! As time goes on and more people are added or updated, you may need to refresh this list and re-generate the printed report.

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