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Many churches use a directory to keep in contact with their members. If you'd like a printed directory to use for a short period, follow the steps below.


Because the database is online, a printed directory will become out of date as soon as someone updates their information.

Set Up Directory

In order to allow people to opt-in and manage their own information, set up the directory and invite people to join it.

Create a List

Once people have joined, you can create a list of people in your directory.



If one member of the family selects yes, but another one selects no, the list will still show the family. However, if no one in the family answers, the household will not be on the list.

Select Household Directory Report

Once you have the results, you can create your directory report.

  1. Sort by last name or the order you'd like to see the report.

  2. Click the printer icon.

Click the Household Directory Report from the list, and then choose to generate a pdf or html file.


Download Report

Once the report is ready, it will show up on the list for you to download.


You now have a directory report! As time goes on and more people are added or updated, you may need to refresh this list and re-generate the printed report.

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