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If you have data that needs to be updated, but you don't want to go profile by profile, and the actions don't apply, follow these steps to export your data from Planning Center, update it, and then reimport it. You'll update information listed in the CSV file.

1. Export Data and Update Fields

Export the data from your Planning Center database or list in order to have the freshest information, and then download CSV file from your email.

Once you open the file, delete all the columns you're not updating.


Always keep the four main name fields, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Name Suffix, as well as the column names in order to match them when you import. If you do not use Middle Name and Name Suffix, you will get new duplicates for those existing profiles rather than them being automatically updated.


Update the values in the sheet to reflect the fields in Planning Center.


The Find & Replace feature in most programs is very helpful for updating multiple pieces of information!

If you're not sure what you have created for those fields, check your Custom Fields page.


Once you've updated the spreadsheet, save it as a Comma Separate Values (.csv) file.

2. Import New Data

Once your data is updated in the file, you're ready to import it back in with the new information! From the Data Import & Export page, click Start Import and choose the file you just saved.


Any applicable information that may have changed between exporting and importing will be overwritten by the values in the CSV you upload.


You'll be prompted to match the CSV Column Name with the Planning Center Field.

Once they're matched, preview the profiles or households to be created or updated as well as any errors you may flag when you import.

Uncheck the box next to a person's name to not allow the changes to be imported for that profile, and scroll to the bottom to Finish Import.



The Identical tab shows you which profiles won't have any changes made to them.

You'll receive an email when the import has finished, and you can view any changes made to the profiles.


If you need to undo the import, make sure you have not merged any profiles from the imported file. Undoing the import will completely delete the merged person from your database, removing any scheduled positions, registered events, donations, etc.

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