New: Share Forms With Any Admin

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We've added a new way for you to delegate responsibility to your team without having to give them more permissions than they need.

On a form's settings tab, you can now share that form with anybody who has permissions of viewer or above. Not only can you control who can access the form, you can also control what they can do with it.



Manage - Allows the admin to edit the form's fields, settings, and automations, along with viewing all the responses to the form. (The admin must be at least an editor in order to create automations).
View Only - Allows the person to see the form's submissions, but not make any changes to it.

Anyone with Manager permissions can always see and manage all the forms in your account. This is to prevent the scenario where a church is stuck with a Form that they can't access because the admin who created it no longer works there.

The ability to share the responsibilities of ministry with your team is a one of the things that makes churches who use Planning Center so much more efficient. Adding more ways to delegate authority to your team is a theme for many of the features planned for the next few months.

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