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Planning Center People is the hub for all Planning Center products. It houses all contact information and even tracks activity happening in other products.


The People product stores all information about people in your organization, and this information can be accessed through your other products. If you can't find what you're looking for, it might be in another product. Check out some features of our other products below.

Check out some features of our other products below.

Explore Other Products


Prevent double-bookings and conflicts by keeping track of when and how your facilities are being used. Help your Administrator, Facilities Manager, and Ministry Leaders stay in the know!

**Resources works based on the amount of information you put in it: if you add all your rooms and resources, event owners can easily request those items.

Approval Groups and Conflict Resolvers decide which events have priority by approving requests for rooms and resources, and once events are approved, they can be displayed in calendars and on kiosks. Use a public tag in Calendar to share a calendar on your website.**


Most first impressions happen when a parent checks their child into their class. We want that experience to be fast, friendly, and secure, so here are some features for Administrators and Classroom Leaders to ensure the best experience:

  • We have three different types of stations, accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices:

    1. Manned: a volunteer can type in a name to pull up the household.

    2. Self: a parent can use a phone number, barcode, or mobile pass to check in their child or children.

    3. Roster: a volunteer can check off attendance like a roll call sheet.

  • Our labels are customizable and can print from a station to a Dymo, Zebra, Citizen, or Brother Printer.

  • We show real-time updates when people check in, and those check-ins break down per time or room, allowing you to create a detailed report.

  • If you don't need specific names for attendance, you can track numbers by using Headcounts, which comes with any plan, even the free one.


People like to give in their way--cash, credit, credit card, bank transfer, text message! Giving helps people give in their way while Administrators, Counters, Reviewers, and Bookkeepers track those donations in the best way.

Giving Administrators can access to the dashboard, which shows them an overview of donations for the time frame of their choosing. They can count money in batches--and use a check reader to make it quicker. Then, they can have receipts automatically send to donors, and, when it's time, they can send giving statements with just a couple of clicks.

Using a link from your website, donors can easily give to any fund and even see their giving history or set up recurring payments.


Managing small groups with spreadsheets is a pain. Our Group management app is simple and flexible for your Administrators and Group Leaders to streamline how you organize, manage, and support your groups or classes.

Group Leaders and Administrators can manage group settings, post events, share files, and respond to people who request to join a group. Group Leaders and designated members can easily take attendance and receive a reminder email just before the event starts.

People can access groups from the group directory, which lists all the groups in group types and allows groups to be filtered based on their properties. Find out what kinds of groups there are and when and where groups meet from a group page.

Your Group Directory is created for you when you choose your subdomain at signup. We've even added some group types, properties, and groups for you to explore when you sign up!


Today's plans are tomorrow's events, and when Administrators or Managers create an event, you can immediately make the event available for people to register!

When a person registers for an event, they can choose their attendee type as well as any other activity or item they'd like to add. Include questions and links to forms on the registration in order to get all the information you need for your event.

On the Admin side, manage payments by offering discounts and scholarships then assign people to specific teams or places to keep your attendees organized. Send balance and form reminder emails to ensure all people are ready to attend your event!


Planning and scheduling services are much smoother when you can do it all from one place! Administrators, Service Planners, Schedulers, Team Leaders, and Team Members can manage volunteers.

Using your church's current schedule, set up your first plan complete with service times and any other times your teams need to attend. Then, add all the information to your plan, including any songs or media you'll use during the service as well as transitional moments. Add notes for people to know how to keep the service on track.

Schedule any teams to that plan, putting them in specific positions, and assigning them to the appropriate times, then send them an email notifying them of their schedule.

When the time of your church service comes, follow the plan with a printed reports or directly from your mobile device, where you can keep track of the time and communicate with others during that service.

Music Stand

If you're subscribed to Services and are using digital chord and vocal charts, stop printing chord charts! Save paper and encourage team members to learn their music right from their mobile device.

Listen to the song and play it from the same device, making annotations to share with the team.

When your church service starts, use the metronome and link band members' devices together for them to follow along on the same page.

Switch Products

To get to another product, click the product name in the upper left of the products and choose another product to view.



If you're on a profile, you'll be taken to that person's profile in the product you choose.

If you don't see the product you want, it could be because your church isn't subscribed to that product, or you don't have permission to access it. Contact your Organization Administrator to find the answer to either issue.

Although People is the hub of products, it cannot do what other products can do. If you're looking to make a change in People and can't find it, expand on some of the topics below to find out how to make those changes.

Update Your Logo

Your logo appears at the top of most emails sent through Planning Center and at the top of all forms.

Organization Administrators can update their logo from the Organization tab in Accounts.

church logo

Assign a Barcode to a Person

Barcodes are used to check in a person at a station with a scanner. They are stored in Check-Ins and can be assigned from a station.

If you know of a specific barcode you want to add to a person's profile, go to their profile and click Barcodes.


You can also import barcodes to assign to profiles by importing a CSV file with barcodes in the file.

Schedule Household Members Together

Households are great for keeping family members together, and that includes when they're scheduled to serve.

In order for household members to be scheduled to serve at the same time, change the preferences on their profile in Services.


If you don't see other people in the Preferences section, make sure they are in a household.

View Donations to a Fund

When you visit a person's profile in People, you can only see details about their giving from the Activity tab. But, if you're a Giving Administrator, you can switch to a person's profile in Giving to see their giving history, including the funds they've given to.



You can also send statements, change payment methods, and more from a person's giving profile.

If you want to see all the donations given to a fund, go to the By Donation tab in Reports, where you can filter donations to show the amount given to any fund.

Click a donation to view more information about it.

donations list.png

Create Group Leaders

Group Leaders have permissions in Groups; they don't automatically have permissions in People. Group Leaders can change group information and add or remove members based on the permissions in settings.

To make someone a Group Leader, go to the Members tab of the group and click Edit next to the person's name. Choose Leader and use the check box to notify the person of this change by email.


Click Update role to apply the change.

Once you've assigned some group leaders, create a list to find and email them.

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