Fixed: Skip Verification of Form Submissions for New People

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If submitting a form will update the information belonging to an existing profile in your account, we send an email to the person who presumably filled out the form, asking for them to verify that information. This protects against inaccurate data, and most importantly, since phone numbers can be used to log in, it is an important security measure as well.

A few weeks ago we made some big changes to Forms that increased privacy and made filling out a form a little more obvious. Along with those changes, we also started requiring profile information submitted via a form to always be verified, even if the information belonged to a brand new profile that was created by that form submission.

We thought this change would make it easier to explain when verification emails get sent ("When do verification emails get sent? Any time there is profile information") and mostly go unnoticed. However, what we inaccurately saw as an innocuous change had a much bigger impact than expected. 

Based on the feedback that we've been receiving since that release, we now have a much better understanding of all the ways Forms are being used, and have decided to revert this change back to the previous behavior.

As of today, when a new profile is created through a form submission, the information attached to that profile will not need to be verified by the submitter.

We couldn't make our products great without the feedback that we receive from our customers. Thank you to everyone who has reached out about this!

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