Improved: Color-Blind Friendly Graphs

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A couple of weeks ago, while we were showing a new support team member the dashboard in Planning Center People, we learned two things. First, that our new guy is color blind (deuteranopia), and second, that this is what the dashboard looked like to him: 


We were surprised and embarrassed that this has been this way for so long and we hadn't yet figured it out! Roughly 4% of people have some kind of color blindness! So we decided to rethink the colors on the dashboard to make sure they're useful for everyone.

After a lot of iteration and a little debate, we came up with a set of colors that look nice and are usable by everyone. The left column of the image below shows the final set of colors the way most people see them, and the other columns show how those colors will appear to customers with protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia.


The next screenshot is what these new colors look like in the graphs on the dashboard.


And here's how our new guy sees the demographics chart:


Much better!


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