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With an eye toward increasing the security of your accounts, we recently started sending notifications about account changes to more users than we had previously.

However, those emails were noisier than they needed to be, especially in the case of duplicates.

Consider the profile of this administrator:


If a new phone number, say "(555) 123-4567" were added to the profile, we'd notify PiCO to let him know because that new phone number can be used to log in as PiCO. But we don't always need to send the notification. If that existing phone number were edited to be "555-555-5555", there's no reason to send a notification to PiCO since the number didn't actually change. That was how it already behaved.

However, if you (or an integration with another app) added a new phone number to PiCO's profile as "555-555-5555", we would still send a notification. And if you removed one of the duplicate phone numbers, we'd send another notification.

As of today, we're being much smarter about what kinds of changes trigger these emails. You should no longer see emails about duplicates or formatting changes.

Thank you to everyone who helped us improve this by providing feedback!

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