Prayer Requests

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When people ask for prayer, make sure the Prayer Team knows about their request, so they can pray and follow up with the people. Use this process to gather prayer requests and automatically send those requests to your Prayer Team.


By default, every organization has a Prayer Requests Note Category. If you can't find it, you may have renamed or deleted it. You'll need to add that Note Category to use this process.

Create a Prayer Request Form

You can use Forms to create a public page where anyone can submit a prayer request. Create a Prayer Request Form using the Notes field, and choose the Prayer Requests Note Category to add the form answer into.



If you don't use an online form, you can input the information from the physical form into the person's notes, and the process will still work the same.

When the person fills out the form, the information they entered will be added to the Prayer Requests Note Category.


Set Up Notifications

Any prayer request added to that category can be sent to people in the Notifications list. They'll receive an email every day when a new note is added to the Prayer Request Category.

From the Note Category Settings, type the name of the people on your Prayer Team to add them to the Notifications section.


Prayer Requests sometimes have sensitive information. It's important to only allow those who need to know that information to have access.


You can make the Prayer Request Category only accessible to certain Administrators, but you can send a notification of the emails to anyone, regardless of their permissions in People.

Access Prayer Requests

Every day, people on the Notifications list will receive an email digest listing the prayer requests.



If the recipient is seeing [hidden content], it is likely they are set up to receive the form submissions instead of the note category. Make sure they have been added to the note category notifications!

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