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If you need to share a list, add it to a category, or make sure it refreshes/re-syncs, you can set up those options in the List Settings.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

  1. Share the list with a certain permission level or individual.

  2. Assign this list to a campus or category to easily filter it in the main list.

  3. Use auto-refresh to refresh the results of your list every night. Auto-refresh is particularly helpful for automations and workflows.

  4. Sync this list with a segment in your MailChimp list.


You can share a list with others and allow them to view or manage the results of the list.


If you need to remove a person's access to a list, first duplicate any conditions that they've created, and then remove the conditions that were created by them. You can then remove the person from the Permissions list.

A person with the Manage permission can update the Settings of the list, but they cannot remove the list owner.


A person who can Manage the list can add and remove conditions on shared lists.

From the Rules tab, see who created the conditions and add your own.


You cannot edit a rule or condition made by another person. If you are a List Manager, you can duplicate another person's rule or condition, and then delete the original one in order to make changes to pre-existing rules or conditions.

View Only

A person who can View only doesn't have access to the Rules tab, but they can view the Results, Automations, and Settings.

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