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The Settings tab provides information about who can access the form and how to embed it. Use the buttons in the header to duplicate the form or view the public version.

  1. By default, Managers have access to all forms, and you can give a person permission to manage or view any form.

  2. If you want a team member to receive a copy of the form submission, add them to the Notification List. If you want the submitter to receive a copy of their responses, check Send a copy to the form submitter.

  3. Assign the form to a campus or category to quickly find it.

  4. You can work on the form but not allow others to fill it out by setting it to Closed. When it's ready, set it to Open for others to fill it out.

  5. Embed the form by copying the public URL and following the embed directions. If you want to link the form somewhere, copy the URL and paste it wherever you'd like to link it.

  6. Delete the form.


You can share a form with others and allow them to view or manage the form.


If you need to remove a person's access to a form, click the X next to their name to remove them.


A person who can Manage the form has access to any information about the form.

View Only

A person who can View only has access to the Submissions tab only.


Can Create Forms

Another way someone could access forms is if they have Can create forms enabled on their permissions.


In this case, they still only have access to the forms defined by Manage and View Only, but they can also create and manage forms of their own.

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