New Permissions for Workflows

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Before today, someone's permissions on a workflow were tied to their overall permissions in People (Manager, Editor, or Viewer). If you wanted someone to be able to create a new workflow, your only option was to make them a manager, which comes with all sorts of other privileges that they may or may not need.

Now these permissions are handled more granularly with two new controls.

First, there is a new option on someone's profile to give them permissions to create their own workflows.


Then, on each specific workflow, you can control what someone can do in that specific workflow.


There are three options for what each person or group can do.

  • Manage workflow - A Manage share allows that person to change anything on the workflow, including changing its name and steps. (Previously, this is what managers could do.)
  • Edit all cards - With this permission you can see and contribute to all of the cards in the workflow without being able to change the actual workflow. (The same as Editors before.)
  • Edit assigned cards - Allows you to contribute to the cards you're assigned to and nothing else. (The same as Viewers before.)

This work brings permissions in Workflows in line with the changes to permissions in Lists and Forms. If you have suggestions about how we could make permissions work better for you, reach out to our support team and let us know.



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