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Create an automation to update profiles, add people to groups, assign tasks, and more! Check out how to create some common automations below. 


Want to see how to set up an automation? Go here, and choose the product you're in. Automations cannot be created in Accounts, Check-Ins, Publishing, and Music Stand.

Profile Changes

For these changes to happen automatically, enable the auto-refresh from the Settings of the list you create.


Change Child to Adult

If you want to automatically change a person's age status from Child to Adult, you can create a list with a rule that determines when a person should become an adult.


What's the difference? 

  • A child cannot make changes to their contact information.

  • If someone in the child's household wants to manage their Services schedule, they don't need permission from the child.


Once you've submitted the rules, create an automation that sets the people on the list to an Adult.


Move from One Membership Status to Another

Each church has a different path for people to take to move from one membership status to the next. Set up your list to find people to whom you want to assign a specific status, and then set up the automation to assign them.


Update a Person's Primary Campus

Create a list showing activity in a specific campus.


Create an automation to assign the list of people to the campus.


Add a Task

Whether it's managing teams, signups, or other elements in Planning Center, a lot is going on at your church, and that often produces tasks for your staff! Instead of trying to track these actions and create associated tasks manually, you can automatically create and assign tasks.

Examples of common tasks to automate:

  • Assign jobs to volunteers after they've accepted serving requests.

  • Send a personalized follow-up email after someone donates to a fund for the first time.

  • Add people to a members-only course website after they register for your event.

  • Order background checks after volunteers submit a serving interest form.

Create an automation to add a task from the Automations tab.

  1. Select the activity that triggers the task automation.

  2. Choose Home as the product and Add a task from the dropdown.

  3. Name your task.

  4. Select where to add the task.

  5. If you're adding the task to someone else's inbox, search for that person's name. If you're adding it to a specific task list, select the list from the dropdown and add an assignee.

  6. If the task should be completed by a particular date, enable Set task due date and add the number of days before the task is due.

Once the automation runs, the assigned task appears in the assignee's inbox or task list, and they are notified that they have a new task. The assignee can see who made the automation at the bottom of the task.


Add People to a Workflow

If you want to follow up with a person after they cancel a registration, donate for the first time, or are removed from a team, you can use an automation to add them to a workflow.

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