Common Automations

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If you want to set up some common automations to give you experience in creating an automation, or if you want to know which automations you might need, follow the steps to create some of our most commonly requested automations.

Automate Profile Changes

In order for these changes to happen automatically, enable the auto-refresh from the Settings of the list you create.


Child to Adult

If you want to automatically change a person's age status from Child to Adult, you can create a list with a rule that determines when a person should become an Adult.


What's the difference?

  • A Child cannot make changes to their contact information.

  • If someone in the Child's household wants to manage his or her Services schedule, they don't need permission from the Child.


Once you've submitted the rules, create an automation that sets the people on the list to an Adult.


Move from One Membership Status to Another

Each church has a different path for people to take in order to move from one membership status to the next. Set up your list to find people who you want to assign a specific status, and then set up the automation which will assign them.


Update a Person's Primary Campus

Create a list showing activity in a specific campus.


Create an automation to assign the list of people to the campus.

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