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Your church members can update their personal information on Church Center from their profile or by using a form.


When Church Center is enabled for your congregation, members can log into your church and manage some of their own personal information. Any subscription to Planning Center includes Church Center.

Members can download the Church Center mobile app on Android or iOS to manage their personal profile.

Any changes a person makes to their information are reflected across the Planning Center database. They can also see all of their existing event registrations, giving history, group membership, and prepare check-ins for their household before arriving at church!


People cannot add or remove household members or change names or birthdates. Those changes must be made by an Administrator in order to maintain control over important changes since those changes can affect many of their processes.

Tap the picture or initials at the top right.


Make changes to the profile, and then tap Update to save.



The starred email address is the primary email address, which means Planning Center will send emails to this address.

Primary Contacts can also update profiles for their Household members.



Household information cannot be updated from the website.

People Forms

People in your database can be updated, and new people can be created using People Forms.


Forms will allow you to collect more information than what's available through Church Center, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Congregants need to use their own personal email address to avoid creating duplicate profiles.

  • When they make changes to their profile, they will receive an email asking them to verify the new information before it is applied to their profile.

  • Congregants can make changes to profile fields for members of their household but not custom fields.


Available fields to update using a People Form:

  • Contact Information (phone number, email address, address)

  • Profile Information (birthdate, gender, grade, school name, marital status, anniversary, primary campus, medical notes)

  • Profile Notes

  • Custom Fields except for files

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