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Once you have information for your church members, you want to make sure it stays current! Your church members can update their personal information on Church Center from their profiles or by using a form created by you.

Church Center Profile

Members can log in to Church Center and manage some of their personal information.


People cannot change names or birthdates in Church Center. An administrator must make those changes because those changes can affect many administration processes.

Household adults can also update profiles for their household members and add or remove people from their household.


People Forms

Forms can be used to add new people and update existing people.


Forms allow you to collect more information than what's available through Church Center, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Congregants need to use the email address on their existing profile to avoid creating duplicate profiles.

  • If the form makes changes to their profile, they will receive an email asking them to verify the new information before it is applied to their profile.

  • Congregants can change profile fields for members of their household but not custom fields.


Fields that can be updated using a People Form:

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