Set Up Your Church Directory

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The directory is a private place for the people in your church to communicate with one another. Enable the directory to see it on Church Center, and select the information you'd like people to provide for the directory.


Only organization administrators or People managers can set up the directory, set the parameters of the contact information, and invite people.

Enable the Directory

You can see if the directory needs to be enabled from the Church Center Settings.

From the People page, select the gear and choose Church Center Settings from the dropdown.


The Church Center dropdown menu shows green checkmarks to indicate if the directory is enabled or a red X if it is not. To enable the directory, select Update settings.


When the directory is enabled, you can see it on Church Center.

Manage Settings

Manage the information shown in the directory by enabling or disabling appropriate fields and settings.


Privacy Mode protects congregants against scams by replacing visible contact information with a Contact button. See what that looks like in this article.

  1. If enabled, a person can add another person to their household. This will create a new profile, which you can merge if needed.

  2. Enable the fields you'd like people to include in the directory. People can include the enabled options, but only their name is required.

  3. Privacy mode protects congregant contact information and is enabled by default.

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