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After people have served at your church, you can follow up with them to get their feedback. This will help you know if you need to make any changes or if you're on the right track. Follow the steps below to automatically send an email with a form to those who served, so you can view responses and follow up on them!

1. Create a Form

The best way to get information is to create a form.


2. Create an Email Template

To help people have access to the form every time they serve, add it to an email template with some specific instructions on what the team member should do.


This email template will be added to an automation later.

3. Create a List

Find all those who served by creating a list, which will allow you to contact those people at one time.


4. Set Up Automation

An automation ties all these features together! From the automations tab on the list, create an automation to email the template to everyone on the list.

send email template.png

If you'd rather send a text or push notification from Church Center, you can send those manually.

5. Set List to Refresh

For the automation to work on its own, set the list to auto-refresh from the settings.

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