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See what's happening in your database at a glance by using dashboards. Add different graphs based on time frames, and watch the trends develop and grow!

From the Metrics tab, create a dashboard by selecting Create new dashboard from the dropdown.



Name the dashboard and choose other Administrators who can have access to the dashboard.

  1. Name the dashboard to reflect the metrics data you're compiling.

  2. After you add a person, choose what visibility they have. View only means they can see the widgets on the dashboard; Manage means they can make changes to the widgets on the dashboard.

  3. If you no longer need the dashboard, delete it.


    A deleted dashboard cannot be recovered.


If someone doesn't have permissions in a product, they can view widgets that others add, but they cannot add their own for that product.

You can manage your settings and widgets from the dashboard.

  1. Print the dashboard view to share with your team.

  2. Go to Settings to rename the dashboard or update who has access.

  3. Add widgets to the dashboard for each area you want to track.


If the creator of a Metrics dashboard has their permissions removed, the widgets in that dashboard will no longer show any data.


Widgets give an at-a-glance overview of what's happening in the type of widget you choose.

  1. Choose the type of widget you'd like to see.

  2. You can use the default title of the widget or enter your own.

  3. Choose the timeframe you'd like to see and decide if you'd like to see year-over-year results.

Once you've added your widgets, you'll be able to identify trends.



Use the gear in a widget to configure, duplicate, or delete that widget.

  1. Change the widget's type, title, or timeframe.

  2. Create a new widget with the same configuration.


    If the creator of a dashboard has their permissions removed, another dashboard manager can duplicate a widget if they have permissions in that widget's product.

  3. Remove the widget from the dashboard.


    Any collaborator who can manage a dashboard can delete a widget. A deleted widget cannot be recovered.

Rearrange the order for your widgets by dragging them to a new place on the dashboard.

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