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Forms allow people to enter information about themselves without registering for an event. Use forms to obtain the necessary information while saving time on data entry and follow-up.


If someone updates information for an administrator, that administrator will receive an email requesting that they confirm the changes to their profile.

Select New Form on the Forms page.


Add a title to your form and add fields from the right. 

  1. Add a field to the form by dragging it to the appropriate place, or edit or delete a field by selecting it and making the appropriate changes.

  2. Hover over a field to duplicate it or drag it into a new position on your form. Fields that can only be used once per form, such as gender, will not show the duplicate option.

  3. Any information a person adds to Profile Fields updates their profile. The updates are applied automatically if logged into Church Center when they submit the form. If they are not logged in, they will receive an email asking them to verify any new information, and their profile will update once they've verified it.


    Custom fields can be updated using a custom field field on the form. If the custom field is a file-type field, only one file of up to 10 MB is allowed, and it replaces any existing file in that field for the person.

  4. If you want to add someone to a workflow based on their response, add a workflow field and link the answers in that field to a workflow.

    The workflow will only be an option if it has at least one step. 


    Workflow cards created from a form's workflow field will link to the related form submission. Workflow cards created by an automation will not have a link to the form submission.

  5. Basic Fields allow you to customize the form to ask questions that won't be added to a person's profile. You'll have access to the answers from the Submissions tab. Files will be visible on the submission for 180 days.

All forms have the email address and name fields built in.


Email addresses cannot be updated with a form. If an email address that does not match a profile's current address is entered, a duplicate profile will be created.

Select a field to make any updates to it.


Conditional Fields

Some fields only need to be completed if another field is answered. Those fields are connected on the form.

To connect those fields, select Add condition and choose which field to connect.


The condition will only appear on the form once the connected field is answered.



Automations give you the power to automatically update people who fill out your form. Email them, add them to a team, event, or group, or even send them a mobile pass right when they submit their form.


The number on the Submissions tab will grow as people fill out the form. Choose any submission to view the completed form, or type a person's name to search for their form.



If form submissions create duplicate profiles, check out our tips on preventing duplicates.

You can download a CSV of all form submissions or click an individual submission to download or print a PDF of that one submission.

You cannot edit a submission once it's been submitted.


ReCaptcha is included in Forms to prevent bots from making spam submissions.

Delete or Archive a Form

Archive a form from the Form status dropdown or delete it by selecting the Delete form button in the Settings tab.


Archived forms are always available to unarchive under the Archived view. A deleted form can be found under Recently deleted forms and will be available to recover for one week before it is permanently deleted.

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