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When a family comes to your church, they need an easy way to enter their information, like their address, child's grade, or spouse's phone number. Create a form with household information, so people can add their families and keep their information up to date!

. Other Ways to Get Household Information

Sharing a form is the easiest and quickest way to get household information into your database, but here are some other ways you can also get the information:

  • Import families and link them together with a Household ID column.

  • Gather information at a station when a family checks in.


    You can even emphasize the information you want to see!

Create a Form

Add a Household members field where people can add their family members.


Clicking on the Household members field will allow you to choose which pieces of information to request from congregants and which pieces to require.


Preview the Form

Once your form is complete, click View public form button to see how it will look to congregants.


People who fill out the form can add family members and enter their information in this field.


Households are designed to include the two main guardians of the family and any non-adult children, so people will only be able to add one additional adult besides themselves to the household.


Share the Form

Once the form is submitted, profiles are created for the submitter and their family members, and they will be automatically grouped into a household.

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