Tracking People's Information

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In People, there are multiple ways to gather and keep track of information.

  • Notes help you store data directly related to an action taken by a person and track the chronological history of those actions.

  • Custom fields track interest or other important pieces of information that we don't provide by default, like Personality Type, Gifting Assessment, or Membership Date. Custom Fields can be edited at any time.

  • Forms are a digital solution to the Communication Card. Form submissions cannot be edited.

Find the best way for your organization to gather and track information by looking at the examples below.


The most common way of gathering information is through notes. Notes are best used to track meetings, prayer requests, or skills you may want to remember.

Add a note to someone's profile from the Notes tab.



Notes can be edited by an Editor or the person who created the note.

Notes from every profile can be viewed on the Profile Notes tab.


Use the filtering options at the top to choose which notes you'd like to see.

Custom Fields

Another way to track information is with a custom field. Custom fields can be grouped into tabs to access that information easily.


Information from custom fields can only be viewed on the person's profile.


People can fill out forms to keep their information up to date or to answer any questions you might have.

View forms submitted by a person from their profile.


To follow up with people based on the information added to their profile, create a workflow.

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